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Wall Mounted Pegboard Display To Offer The Garage/kitchen Organizer Solution

Wall Mounted Pegboard Display To Offer The Garage/kitchen Organizer Solution

Plastic Poly pegboards are made of a tough co-polymer material and is durable enough to retain its shape, even with heavy tools attached to it.The pegboard is ready to mount right out of the box and has molded ribs on 2.5meter to properly space the board from the wall. They don't need painting, repel oils and liquids, and can easily be cleaned. They're very suitable for use around garage, swimming pools, garden sheds, or even kitchens.

Product: Wall Mounted Pegboard Display to offer the garage/kitchen organizer solution

Size: 96*48'', 48*24'', 24*12'', etc

Material: 100% recycled PP Plastics

Color: white, black, red, blue

Accessories: peg hooks, pegboard bins, etc

Usage: pegboards can be used in garages, closets, hobby rooms, kitchens, or craft areas, and are strong enough to hold heavy tools


  • 1. Usually much less expensive than metal pegboards, furring strips, paint, etc., making them affordable for anyone.

  • 2. Easy to install in only a few minutes with some screws, and they will last a lifetime.

  • 3. Easily removed from one wall, and moved from place to place.

  • 4. Made in popular sizes to be used on walls, over work benches, and can be modified easily for special installations.


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