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Design concept of clothing display cabinet
Jul 19, 2017

1. Clothing display cabinet design to be simple

The showcase needs to seize the eye of the consumer at the first sight, the design principle should be concise, generous, beautiful.

2. The clothing display cabinet level is clear and orderly

The general showcase consists of a number of parts: layout, color, lighting, exhibits and other components, a good showcase is to all these factors together in a natural, layered, sensory more easily let consumers feel.

3. Clothing Display Showcase Theme Clear

The role of the showcase is to foil the display of goods, so the theme of the showcase design must be and display product temperament, characteristics, image of the match.

4. Clothing display cabinet design needs careful

The design of the showcase should be comprehensive, the design plan should not be easily changed once passed, especially in the late changes, the change may delay construction, increase costs, and even have a greater impact.

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